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Collaboration amid crisis_The Department of Defense during Hurricane Katrina.pdf.jpg2015Collaboration amid Crisis: The Department of Defense during Hurricane KatrinaMoynihan, Donald P.
Cris Figueiras ingles.pdf.jpg2013Cross-sectoral partnership in social policy: the control of school attendance in the Bolsa Família ProgramFilgueiras, Cristina Almeida Cunha
Crossing the line.pdf.jpg2011Crossing the line at workFontenele, Tânia; Busch, Amarilis; Tessari, Gustavo; Rodrigues, Lilian
Dreaming Big, Implementing Not-So-Big_Development Coordination in Jordan’s Ministry of Labour.pdf.jpg2015Dreaming Big, Implementing Not-So-Big: Development Coordination in Jordan’s Ministry of LabourShimotakahara, Leslie
case_study_fighting_violence_against_women.pdf.jpg2012Fighting violence against women: the struggle between old values and new patterns of public policiesAmorim, Sônia Naves David
case_study_terra_linda_english1.pdf.jpg2012Horizontal cooperation in Terra Linda: myth or bet?Wojciechowski, Matias John
Case Cecilia.pdf.jpg2011How to evaluate Cecilia’s Performance?Roncaratti, Luanna Sant’Anna; Knop, Márcia; Antunes, Maciel; Paracêncio, Eduardo
How to Strengthen Urban Micro-entrepreneurs - Bahia’s “Vida Melhor” Program.pdf.jpg2016-10How to strengthen urban micro-entrepreneurs: Bahia’s “Vida Melhor” ProgramVillarosa, Francesco Notarbartolo di; Curralero, Cláudia Baddini
kindness.pdf.jpg2011Kindness or harassment: conflicts of gender and race in work relationshipsDamasceno, Ana Paula Pinto
National Health Conferences.pdf.jpg2015National Health Conferences and Participatory Processes in the Brazilian Federal Public AdministrationOliveira, Mariana S. de Carvalho; Ferrarezi, Elisabete; Koga, Natália
Professional Training Challenges, the Pronatec-BSM Experience in Senador Canedo, Brazil.pdf.jpg2016-12Professional training challenges: the Pronatec/BSM experience in Senador Canedo, BrazilMartins, Sérgio Paganini
Rural Productive Inclusion - The Technical Assistance Experience and Grant from the State of Ceará, Brazil.pdf.jpg2017-04Rural productive inclusion: the technical assistance experience and grant from the State of Ceará, BrazilVillarosa, Francesco Notarbartolo di
case_study_simulation_of_a_meeting_with_the_leaders.pdf.jpg2010Simulation of a meeting with the leaders: preparation of information and analysis on governmental programFerrarezi, Elisabete
The Air Transport Crisis in Brazil.pdf.jpg2009The air transport crisis in Brazil: 2006 and 2007Oliveira, Amâncio Jorge de; Onuki, Janina; Amorim, Sônia Naves David
Enap_Caso 05. The CrediAmigo program - Urban productive inclusion through microcredit.pdf.jpg2017The CrediAmigo program: urban productive inclusion through microcreditVarella, Santiago; Parente, Silvana; Faheina, Conceição
The Sertão do São Francisco Territory (IRPAA) - Development of Rural Activities.pdf.jpg2016-10The Sertão do São Francisco Territory (IRPAA) – Development of Rural ActivitiesVillarosa, Francesco Notarbartolo di
A tale of two contracts.pdf.jpg2015The tale of two contracts, or, how to minimize the risk of forming an employment contract while acquiring goods, services or constructionKallwit, Cathryn
case_study_the tragedy_of_the_highlands_serrana_region.pdf.jpg2011The tragedy of the highlands serrana region in the state of Rio de Janeiro in 2011: looking for answersBusch, Amarilis; Amorim, Sônia