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Title: Energizing industrial development: the role of the state in 21st century greening strategies
Authors: Mathews, John A.
Publisher: Escola Nacional de Administração Pública (Enap)
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Language: Idioma::Inglês:English:en
Country: País::BR:Brasil
metadata.dc.type: Artigo
metadata.dc.description.physical: Revista do Serviço Público - RSP, v. 66, ed. esp., p. 29-54
Issue Date: 2015
metadata.dc.rights.holder: Escola Nacional de Administração Pública (Enap)
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Classificação Temática: Desenvolvimento Social
Políticas Públicas e Sociais
Abstract: Industrial development, as it diffuses globally to encompass the great emerging 21st century powers China, India and Brazil, increasingly has to place energy issues at the core – to move off the fossil fuels that worked in the past but are creating impossible tensions now and to move towards a new green growth model that promises to reduce or eliminate those tensions as it expands. In this paper I review the issues involved in the new ‘green industrial strategy’ and discuss the institutional state strategies being deployed in China, India, Brazil and South Africa – the BICS countries – to drive the transition that is under way. The argument goes that in the 21st century the developmental state has perforce to be a practitioner of green industrial strategies. The Brazilian model with its threefold involvement of state institutions in developing rolling ten-year plans for renewable energy deployment, targeted investment with local content requirements through the national development bank and promotion of cost reductions through state-mediated reverse auctions, is discussed as a viable strategy.
Keywords: industrial development;  strategic planning;  renewable energy;  sustainable development;  international cooperation
Target Audience: Gestores e servidores públicos, pesquisadores da área de gestão pública.
metadata.dc.description.additional: ISSN eletrônico: 2357-8017
ISSN impresso: 0034-9240
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