Title: Improving the public management career: report for the ministry of planning, budgeting e management, federal government of Brazil
Authors: Goldsworthy, Diana
Publisher: Associação Nacional dos Especialistas em Políticas Públicas e Gestão Governamental (ANESP)
Language: Idioma::Inglês:English:en
Country: País::BR:Brasil
metadata.dc.type: Relatório
metadata.dc.description.physical: Número de páginas: 33 p.
Issue Date: Jan-2009
metadata.dc.rights.holder: Diana Goldsworthy
metadata.dc.rights.license: Termo::Licença Comum
Classificação Temática: Administração Pública
Gestão de Pessoas
Abstract: This report sets out the findings and recommendations of a review of the Public Management Career (EPPGG) undertaken between 5 and 9 January 2009. The purpose of the review was to clarify EPPGG’s role, functions and profile, and to develop proposals for improving its effectiveness and management, taking account of the context within which such improvements would have to be implemented. Specific objectives were to examine a number of human resources management (HRM) aspects of the career in the light of international practice, including recruitment; initial education; professional development; performance evaluation; deployment; mobility and networking.
Keywords: Especialista em Políticas Públicas e Gestão Governamental (EPPGG);  gestor público;  desenvolvimento profissional;  gestão de recursos humanos;  Public Management Career (EPPGG);  profile;  professional development;  human resources management
metadata.dc.description.additional: Texto publicado no DVD: EPPGG 25 anos a serviço da cidadania - 30 textos fundamentais sobre a Carreira EPPGG.
URI: http://repositorio.enap.gov.br/handle/1/1717
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