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Título: Professional training challenges: the Pronatec/BSM experience in Senador Canedo, Brazil
Autor(es): Martins, Sérgio Paganini
Palavras-chave: governmental coordination;  socio-productive inclusion;  municipal development;  social programs;  professional qualification;  employment;  income;  youth and adult education;  social assistance;  implementation
Data: Dez-2016
Editor: World Without Poverty (WWP)
Público alvo: Gestores públicos de administrações subnacionais
Resumo: The WWP Series of Case Studies – which shows good productive inclusion practices – reaches its third issue and reveals the experience of the city of Senador Canedo, located in the metropolitan area of Goiânia, in the Brazilian state of Goiás. The municipality has made important progress with the participation of local policy makers in mobilizing target audiences, mediating the relationship with the labor market in order to define adequate professional training to meet local demand and assisting students in finding job opportunities. In addition, the Secretariats for Labor and Social Assistance have created a decisive task force to reduce desertion of low-income students.
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